• Manuscripts must be typed and legible.

  • Send only hard copy to the address below.

  • No manuscripts sent via e-mail or on CD will be accepted.

  • Keep copies of the manuscript in both soft and hard copy.

  • We do not publish English poetry.

  • Should the manuscript be accepted, the editor will contact the author and ask for an electronic copy of the manuscript.

  • Rejected manuscripts will not be returned, but will be shredded.

  • Manuscripts must be accompanied by a cover letter clearly stating the author’s name, address, e-mail address and phone numbers.

  • Manuscripts must be accompanied by a précis (maximum 500 words).

  • Authors cannot make an appointment with the editor to supply her with background information. The editor prefers reading the manuscript as the reader would. 

  • The author will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of the manuscript. Authors are asked to be patient as the reading process could take up to three months, depending on the reader’s workload.

  • Please courier the manuscript to:


Protea Book House


Manuscripts (Martie Eloff)


8 Minni Street


Clydesdale Pretoria 0002


Tel: 012 – 343 6279


   PROTEA MANUSCRIPTS1          Protea boeke         pROTEA MANUSKRIPTE